Angel Anderson & Mina T Son

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These are the questions we asked throughout this mashup Q&A:


  1.  How did the UX process for your startup differ from what you do in your day job?

  2. Using what you have learned so far, how would you change your process?

  3. How many rounds of testing did you go through to feel comfortable enough to launch NailSnaps?

  4. How did you validate the concept?

  5. Who was your partner? Same/different skills?

  6. What demographics have been your early adopters?

  7. Being new to startups, why did you choose to patent coming out of the wireframing phase? What are the benefits?

  8. Pre-kickstarter, how did you support and sustain the business?

  9. How much time do you have from funding to delivery?

  10. How do you protect your ideas going into Kickstarter? You mentioned a patent, what kind?

  11. You are so inspiring! What was the process like committing to this idea and moving from your RiteAid “a ha” moment to entrepreneur?

  12. What was the most frustrating part of the entire process?

  13. Would you repeat the kickstarter experience? Why or why not? 


  1. When making your films, how much do you take the users/viewers into account?

  2. That’s interesting that you used screen cuts - why did you decide to do that and how did you incorporate users’ or viewers’ feedback into your product/film?

  3. Tell us about your process for putting the 90 min storyline together in flight. Before / during / after shooting.

  4. What was your biggest takeaway from the making of TopSpin that will inform your future projects?

  5. How do you compile screening feedback and decide what to change?

  6. You said “first” Kickstarter. Was there a second?

  7. What is your favorite documentary?

  8. What are your thoughts on the construction / storytelling in Boyhood?

  9. What’s your favorite sports doc - Hoopdreams? Was this a model for your film?

  10. Why table tennis?! Are there any similarities between the three teens’ personalities that makes them uniquely table tennis players? In other words, who is and what makes a table tennis player?

  11. Would you work with teenagers again?


  1. What surprised you about the other speaker's process that felt similar to yours?

  2. How have you balanced your own "gut" feeling about a creative decision against external feedback that conflicted?

  3. How do you feel the decisions made regularly during the process changed the end result?

  4. What advice would you give to anyone planning to run a Kickstarter?


Product Mashup

Pivotal Labs, Santa Monica, CA